Sour Patch Kid

Oh! That short sweet taste. The sweet aroma, the sugary goodness with every intake. This is how sin presents itself, innocent. Yet you will find out that sin is a facade. Sin has one goal to kill! It kills everything that becomes the fullness from it. Sin is like a sour patch kid. If you ever had the candy before than you will know what I am talking about. A sour patch is first sweet but in the end it leaves a sour taste in your mouth. We can be easily fooled by the way sin presents itself. Just like Satan can present himself as an angel of light [2 Corinthians 11:14]. We have to dig deep instead of just running with what is presented on the surface.We can ask ourselves a couple of questions before we end up falling into sinful traps. First does it holds up to God’s truth? Is it selfish? Is it out of love or hate? Discernment is what we need when we come across a decision. We should earnestly pray for God’s discernment and His wisdom to make the right choice.

Let us continue to push forward to avoid the sour patch kids in our life.

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