Dependence That Beats The Odds

When God is on your side it does not matter how strong, vast, or the multitude and skill set of the enemy and situation. When your strength and victory is in God alone He enables you to defeat the enemy. To overcome any obstacle and to persevere through trials and tribulations.

A perfect example of this is found in God’s Word. In 2 chronicles chapter 13 two kings go to war. Abijah the King of Judah and Jeroboam the King of Israel. Abijah had an army of 400,000 men in which he went up against Jeroboam who had an army of 800,000 men. Clearly, we see from the size of each army that Jeroboam had twice the number of men in which he had the upper hand. Not only did he had twice the men but when we read a little further we discover that Jeroboam ambushed Abijah and His men. He had Abijah the King Of Judah and His army cornered.

What are the odds of surviving that? When you are not well equipped to handle a helpless situation just as Abijah? Yet with everything that is stacked up against Abijah He prevailed because of one major factor. He had God as His defense, His strength, His Anchor. Abijah defeated Jeroboam and His army and He also reclaimed some of the land that Judah had once lost.

Trust and dependence on God can make the impossible, possible.

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