The Way Up Is Down

Power, Prestige , Honor, many people want at least one of these if not all three. Some want to be reconginized and famous. To be the center of attention that they may be respected everywhere without giving more honor and respect to the next person. Others want all the money in the world with the power to control and achieve their own selfish motives. I was one of those who wanted attention only to realize that I am not the most important person and the world does not revolve around me. What was revealed unto me by God’s Spirit is that real power is not to be served but to serve others with what you have been blessed with. Real honor is not to be known from an earthly audience but from a Heavenly one namely God. We are to reflect Jesus Christ, He didn’t come to be served but to serve. He willingly laid down His rights and life. He did His Father’s Will instead of His own. Jesus Christ is the definition of humility. By humbling His self under God, God the Father exalted Him above all and gave Him the name above all names which is LORD [Philippians 2:5-11]

What is something that you are struggling with that prevents you from being humble?

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