Study On Contentment

In today’s culture contentment is not something that most people seek or if they do seek it then they try to find it in all the wrong places.The definition and the truth about contentment is only found in one place, The Word Of God. In my study and help from the Holy Spirit and my lovely woman Jenna this is what God has revealed to me in His word:

  • God supplies all our needs and we should NEVER envy or covet anything that the next person has.[Exodus 20:17]  
  •  Contentment is not found in our possessions because our possessions don’t last forever. Contentment is found in God alone. [Psalms 17:13-15]
  • Being humble brings contentment.Humility allow you to put others before yourself. It kills pride and frees you to be all that God created you to be, While not fearing judgement from others for what you do not have. [Psalms 131:1-2]
  • Be content in what you have been given. Learn to maximize and steward well all that God has given to you. [Matthew 25:14-30]
  • Learn to be content no matter the situation you are in. Learn to find the good in every situation.The secret of Contentment is drawing on God’s strength for power. [Philippians 4:10-14]

    During your reflection in God’s Word what truths have you discovered about contentment and finding satisfaction in God alone???

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