As The Heart Lead Don’t Follow

“Just follow your Heart!” It will lead you in the right direction. If I gained a dollar every time I heard this phrase I would be filthy rich. The truth always contradict what the world is telling you to do. The Bible tells us to do the direct opposite of what our hearts are telling us. The heart is deceitful and very wicked it will lead you astray because you can’t possibly trust its evil motives [Jeremiah 17:9]. So if we can’t trust our hearts than what or who can we trust?

All throughout the Bible God tells us to trust Him. Not our feelings, thoughts, people, etc. But what if I had everything I could ever ask for? What if I accumulated so much wealth that I’m totally secure? Even with all these factors our trust should always reside in the Lord. Life is always changing and the things in this life are temporal. God is the same today, yesterday, and in the future [Hebrews 13:8]. He’s good all the time, faithful all the time, loving all the time, right all the time. God never changes but everything else does.
So, the next time you feel your heart yanking you to do something go before God. Pray and ask Him to direct and lead you. Trust His wisdom and timing because He is always working things out for our highest good.

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