Key Of Life

Everybody is trying to figure out life. We all at one point tried to “unlock” life with keys that dont fit life’s lock. Some think having all the money in the world and the pursuit of greed will bring true lasting success and happiness. This is false, the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10). So money cant be the key. Instead others search within power, pleasure, position, and respect. You can easily lose your power and position within a blink of a eye and everybody wont respect you so you cant put your faith in man to fulfill all your pleasures. All these things are temporal they may bring happiness for a moment but they never bring lasting joy. The key of life is not money,position,power,pleasure,or a destination. The key of life is a person namely Jesus Christ.

The answer to life has to be accessible to everybody or else it wouldn’t be the key. Yet we are free to accept the truth or remain in the dark trying to find our way when the answer is right there in our face. Jesus says that He is the Way, Truth, and Life (John 14:6). He is the answer, the key. So you dont need to find acceptance in anything or anybody else when you have all that is pertaining to life and is the beginning of life embodied in Jesus Christ. Build a relationship with Him, study and apply His word. He is all you need to get through life and beyond.

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