David The Musician

The giant slayer, king, man of war, shepherd, and….musician? Yes David was a musician and often time this title is over looked. Yet this is probably one of the most important titles he ever had. So why is this title very important? Well lets take a look into scripture and see the importance of music and how David applied it to his life.

God’s people in the bible used music as an expression of worship and gratitude unto God for the many things he had done. For an example in the book of Exodus chapter 15 Moses and the people of Israel sang a song of praise and worship for God’s deliverance from the Egyptians who have enslaved them. Other times music was used as a cry for help because of  the sin that Israel had committed and brought wrath and curses upon them.

I believe that music was a great expression used by David to show how he was a “man after God’s own heart”. It’s proof by most of the psalms that David wrote speaks of him worshiping God through songs about everything he went through. Whether it was running away from Saul (the king before him) or Absalom (his son). David sung and played before God through these situations and many others. David who had the spirit of the Lord was a talented and blessed musician. That whenever Saul was haunted by a distressing spirit Saul would call for David to play the harp. Every time David played Saul would become refreshed, well, and the distressing spirit would depart from him (1 Samuel 16: 14-23).

The heart and spirit of a person determines if the music that one person makes be for the purpose to uplift, encourage, and strengthen. Or they would produce music that only degrade, destroy, and do harm. Music is a powerful tool that can shape our thoughts and emotions. In fact there has been much debate over Ezekiel 28 which not only describe the human king of Tyre but Lucifer (Satan) before he became a fallen angel. It states in Ezekiel 28:13 that Satan was created with timbrels and pipes in his very being! Now like I said before this scripture has been up for debate. To think that Satan who was once the most  powerful of  God’s creation and may have led worship in Heaven from the description presented in Ezekiel 28, makes you wonder how easily he can deceive people through music. As powerful and important music is to us it creates the playlist to our life and is used to express our worship unto God.

What kind of playlist have Music created for your life????

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