Sons And Daughters Of Redemption

It is written,God sent His beloved Son Jesus Christ in the world as a man not to condemn it but to save it through Jesus sacrifice on the cross (John 3:16). His blood was the price of our sin. His blood changed the very course of history. His blood brings hope and new life. By believing and abiding in this truth we become saved.We become redeemed.

Instead of wrath we have grace. No more bondage we are free and made new. The old life we use to live died and a new life has begun (2 Corinthians 5:17). As the redeemed believers in Jesus Christ death and resurrection we have a purpose. A purpose to make a difference with the blessings God has given to us. Whether that is a talent, vision, or even money. God wants us to use these very resources to bring others to redemption in Christ. We are to change the very atmosphere around us and not be changed or diluted by what surrounds us daily.

What is most profound about this new life and calling in Christ is that Jesus says to believers that we will do greater works than He did! ( John 14:12). This is incredible because Jesus did so much that even the whole world would not have room for the book that would be written for all He has done (John 21:25). This alone should encourage us to do more, be bold, confident, and fear nothing. If we all could just hold on to this truth and let it sink into our hearts and minds than we would truly understand the power and truth that Jesus has spoken.

So if God calls us to do good works we must strive to bring light to every dark place within the world. We have the power within us through Jesus Christ to help heal and mend broken hearts and lives. Realize your potential for an example singers can bring soothing sounds and lyrics filled with truth, artists can draw the beauty of God’s creation in unbelievable ways, Writers can write in boldness and truth about God and what He has done in your life and the life of others.The list goes on and on and the potential is unlimited. Whether your a well known celebrity or not, you can make a difference anywhere. All it takes is a willing heart and a desire to do the works God called you to. Your life have been redeemed now go and redeem all of which God brings you to.

In what ways can you make a difference within your community, job, family, or circle of friends???

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