Power Of The Tongue

Words are alive they have the power to build up or destroy. To encourage, sadden, bring joy, and cause calamity. Before an action is ever taken a word is spoken to evoke that action.

In the bible it says that “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit”- Proverbs 18:21. This scripture explains that words have the power to destroy one’s life or to bring life into a person. This is the very reason why whenever someone says they love you. It creates a feeling a power that confirms that even through all your faults, and your struggles that person is still willing to love you in a way that God meant it to be. Other times hateful words can take a toil on your  mentality and emotions. It creates frustrations and destroys one self esteem and if it continue in this direction it can destroy your life.

Words are so powerful that God spoke everything into existence.To realize that creation was spoken into existence is evident that words are very powerful and not to be used in a careless way.The weight of words are both heavy and light. The tongue is a news-bringer of that which is good and bad. For an example when a love one dies it is by word of mouth to bring that life changing news.In a sense its like an actual bullet but this bullet is not made from the physically but it is made of invisible that does damage to your heart and mind. Words break barriers and build up walls. It opens and closes doors, start relationships and destroy them it is the beginning and end of many things.

You should not only be careful in what you say but also how you say words. Emotions are entwined with what you say. The tone and volume of what you say can also make a difference. Just as silence can be as loud as someone who is constantly yelling but someone who is constantly yelling may never get their point across.

The things we say towards others or ourselves need to be loving truthful words. When we talk we speak things into existence, our words come alive. The results of speaking things into existence is that we begin to mimic and become the very things that we talk about. In my own life there been times were by me speaking negative things to myself I start to doubt in my own ability. I would fall short because I didn’t believe in myself. Yet when I speak positive words about who I am I can confidently and boldly approach any challenge without fear.

In the end God commands us to always communicate words that will uplift and encourage one another (Ephesians 4:29). Just like a common phrase we use all the time “If we have nothing good to say, than we shouldn’t say anything at all”. To always speak uplifting words even when the other person is speaking negatively  is not easy at all but it can be done. It requires discipline, self control, and a heart and mind that desires to always think upon positive and pure thoughts but also do good unto others no matter what. A renewed heart and mind cannot be done in your own strength and will. You have to be willing to die daily, become self less, and submit your thoughts and desires unto God. Only He has the power to change hearts and minds.

So my question is to you, how will you use your words? To build up or to destroy?


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