Key Of Life

Everybody is trying to figure out life. We all at one point tried to "unlock" life with keys that dont fit life's lock. Some think having all the money in the world and the pursuit of greed will bring true lasting success and happiness. This is false, the love of money is the root of … Continue reading Key Of Life


When you think of "LORD" what words come to mind? Creator, God, Jesus Christ, Joy, Love, Judge, Righteousness and I am sure many more! We serve an awesome amazing God, whose love and characteristics we could never fully comprehend. These words were engraved uniquely and creatively by hand in this beautiful wooden home decor piece. … Continue reading LORD

Man Or Boy?

Will you force your will or submit it? Do you seek approval or do you dismiss it? Do you serve or seek service? Are you patient? Understanding and seeking to understand? Do you seek vengeance or relentlessly forgive? Do you dictate or responsibly lead out of love? Are you kind? Slow to anger and speaking? … Continue reading Man Or Boy?